RT : Interesting. MTurk participants perform better on online attention checks than subject pool participants. year 37 weeks ago
RT : こんにちは。 新歓展【有頂展】のお知らせです! 【テーマ】ハッピー 【期間】5/14(月)〜5/18(金) 10:30〜18:30 【場所】学生会館地下2階 B201多目的ホール ぜひお越しください! year 37 weeks ago
Interesting! Yet not surprising. >> "The system also sounds more natural thanks to the incorporation of speech disf… year 37 weeks ago
My article was published by Phonetic Society of Japan (free access) >> A Comparison of Form and Tempor… year 39 weeks ago
RT : 本年度のTEDxWasedaU 学生スピーカーコンテストの参加者を募集中です!下のリンクをご参照下さい📣 We are looking for participants for this year’s Student Speake… year 39 weeks ago
Heard about your talk at and read abstract online. Very interesting! FYI, I have… year 41 weeks ago year 41 weeks ago
Great article by Julie Sedivy (): "In truth, disfluencies appear to distract mainly tho… year 44 weeks ago
Interesting read on um usage. And no, that wasn't a filled pause in the last sentence! year 44 weeks ago
RT : Burden leads to entrance exam errors 1 year 47 weeks ago
I definitely second recommendations for Brahms, Schostakovich, Tchaikovsky, and Debussy. But I also highly recommen… year 48 weeks ago
RT : Um, Uh, Huh? Are These Words Clues To Understanding Human Language? years 10 weeks ago
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