My 4th grade teacher thumped me on the head with a pen for "laughing out of turn." She was a fantastic teacher, tho… weeks 4 days ago
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This really has been a major disaster. Nearly every neighborhood I once lived in in Hiroshima was affected. My thou… weeks 6 days ago
Keeping all my friends and family in Hiroshima in my thoughts during this hard time. weeks 5 days ago
Not only reasonable, but also justifiable. weeks 6 days ago
RT : Le fou rire du matin 😂😂 cc weeks 18 hours ago
Thanks, ! I enjoyed it! PS. Now I feel like a cup of coffee... weeks 21 hours ago
RT : 「幻想展」展示作業完了しました!学生会館のアトリウムで金曜まで展示いたします。どうぞお気軽にご覧ください。 weeks 21 hours ago
RT : Longtime HiJALT member and friend Jim Ronald (Hiroshima Shudo University) will be presenting on "Pragmatics for in… year 6 days ago
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