Recording participants for CCHP has started

The recording process for the Crosslinguistic Corpus of Hesitation Phenomena starts today. The plan is to record 30 native speakers of Japanese speaking in both their native language and English (their second language). I posted a recruitment ad on the university part-time work list and within a day had 30 students lined up. That work list is a fantastic way to recruit experimental participants.

During July, we will be recording the students one-by-one. The research staff will do the work, communicating with the participants in their native language and explaining the consent form, the nature of the speaking tasks and then guiding them through the recording process. I will mostly take a hands-off approach (I've trained them all in advance) so that they and the participants don't get too stressed by my presence.

[This post was actually written 11 August 2012, but has been back-dated to correspond to the actual events described herein.]