Recording of 30 participants has been completed

Today we completed recording the last of the 30 scheduled participants for the Crosslinguistic Corpus of Hesitation Phenomena. For the most part, things went smoothly. There were only two minor cases where a participant's recording had to be re-done (i.e., one three-minute speaking task in both cases). The only real difficulty we had was that a number of students (about 1 in 5) who had volunteered to participate were no-shows. I had to do a second listing on the university job list to fill out the quota. In the end, though, we got our 30. I will begin working on preparing the recordings for upload to the web archive on the FPRC web site. Continue watching here for updates.

These 30 participants represent the Japanese first language/English second language group that form the core of the CCHP. However, I also plan to get a handful of English first language/Japanese second language speakers as well for comparison. It will take much more time, though, to recruit these students, so I will probably not be able to add these to the archive until much later.

[This post was actually written 12 August 2012, but has been back-dated to correspond to the actual events described herein.]